stfu_mofo (stfu_mofo) wrote in tipkids,

a-HEM, i've got an inquiry!

alright, so i have a question for you guys.

i'm going to east this summer (i'm a 2nd year, taking contemporary lit first term and short story workshop second term) and i was wondering how they do the laundry thing.

are there washing machines/dryers in the dorms and we do our laundry in our free time, or is there a laundromat that we sign up to go to as an activity? i'm hoping it's not the former, because MAN do i have some laundry horror stories from the other nerd camps i've been to.

any help would be appreciated, thanks all! (and i hope that the answer to my question isn't in the tip book somewhere, because my mom disappeared it. whoops.)

crossposted because i'm a dork like that :]
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