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Hey, gang. I was at tip back in the day... let's see, around 94-97. Just wondering if there's anyone else here from the old days. The days of Bronwyn and Corby, the days of Tom Ulmet (and the Tom Ulmet song!), the days of Jess from Kansas, the days when Ben Folds was lugging that damn piano around down on 9th street. Gosh, I feel old now!

Also, for you more recent folks: I was tickled to see wear a skirt wednesday as a interest of this community. I think I was there when that got started. I do seem to remember loaning out a lot of skirts. Ah, like when we converted Smith! So many wonderful memories...

I assume you all still do doctor, doctor, right? Does anyone still do the milk sketch? I think I have those from my fourth year on video if any of you current tip people need some inspiration, I could probably dig them up.

I still have my film & video project on tape, and watch it every year or two. And I am still in touch with a few people (it wasn't as easy to stay in touch then as it is now!)

And I have to say, looking back, going to tip the first time was something that completely changed my life. There's a real chance I would've killed myself in my teenage years were it not for that trip. So enjoy the hell out of it while you can, and you'll be glad later. You learn a lot about what's most important in life at nerd camp.

Have fun, kids. Look for the nonsense in life!
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the days when Ben Folds was lugging that damn piano around down on 9th street.

HOLY SHIT. I love Ben Folds. Did you ever talk to him? Haha, I knew he was in NC for a bit, but I didn't realize he was ever in Durham. Oh man, that makes me so happy.

I'll be a 4th year this coming summer, East term 2. East two doesn't do doctor, doctor, but I think that we might try and start that back up this year.

Ahhh this made me so happy!
I second that. That is ridiculously awesome that Ben Folds was on 9th.

I don't know of any of the stuff you mentioned besides doctor, doctor (which the year before me revived and my roommate and I, among others, co-wrote last year). I did Davidson term 1 in '01 and then Duke East all 3 years, 2nd year at 2nd term, and the other 2 at term 1.

Yes, WASW's are still very much alive. I've dressed up many a male buddy. And I've definitely went drag king many times as well.

I love what you and angra are doing here. This is wonderful. Check my roommie Melissa's TiP Lore site as well. It could help you, and you could help us. http://tiploreandmore.tripod.com

Yes, TiP was a big deal. A lot/most of us in here are completely in love/obsessed with it. I know that nothing but a straight up "no" from the TiP hiring gods themselves will stop me from being an RA in 2 years.
i've gotten word that now we have to be going into junior year college to be RAs. anyone know if this is true for sure? it would supremely suck, if so.
Oh, heck, I hope not. I've been looking forward to next summer for the specific reason that I can be an RA.

Deleted comment

I got you beat by almost a decade friend :). I just ran across all these TIP related LJ communities last week and have been strolling down the memory lane since, and chatting with some folks in duketip, and started up tip_artifacts to try to be a clearinghouse of old and older info.

I would love it if you would scan in your tapes, photos, etc, and contribute. I can even help with hosting if needed.
I'm a recovering alcoholic, which means that a LOT of my stuff has been lost over the years, what with moving repeatedly in the middle of the night and all sorts of stuff in the crazy years. I am pretty sure I lost my video camera and all my tapes in palm beach, which is a tragedy of the nth degree. I had, like, hours and hours of brilliant stuff.

I just moved into a new house a few weeks ago, though, and I'm pretty sure I saw a VHS tape labeled "Tip 96." I'll hunt around. I also seem to recall one of my yearbooks being around *somewhere*

I'll keep an eye out, I think what you're doing is awesome.
congratulations on your recovery (seriously).

I know some of the friends I had back then skidded through some rough times, too, and I like to think that they are recovering too. At least some are, and that's good.

It's amazing how much simpler and....foolproof... life seemed back then.
ah, yes, well we smarty-pants do seem to have greater problems than the average joe.

it was worth it for me, my life is so ridiculously awesome today, I can't even tell you. I don't think it would have been this great if I hadn't started drinking like I did. It all works out in the end!
I went to TIP from 97-00, so I guess I'm sorta old-school compared to those who post here the most.
I was a Duke East Campus girl all three years. This is before there were no first years at Duke. This was also the series of years where every single year our group got put in the dreaded Pegram (though I missed it my third and lived with the fourth years). Well, we almost overlap. I, of course, remember Tom Ulmatt, and the other things sound vaguely familiar. Did you know they closed Chocolate Smiles forever??
you are the next oldest attendee I've been able to find around here. Maybe you can fill in some of the historical gaps. Do you have any yearbooks, pictures, etc?

I only know of a couple people from my era that I know became staff. Did you know any RAs with the last name of Levinson?

Do you know if Colin Delany was still staff by the time you got there?
Yep, yearbooks and photos, which I drug out. Oh, looking at my yearbooks I now see I was there 92-94. Slightly off. Yes, I have both yearbooks and pictures. My eighth grade self actually helpfully annotated the yearbook which is great because I don't remember a lot of why these pictures are important now.

I don't remember any of the last names of RA's, just first names. And I don't remember anyone named Colin...
Do you have access to a scanner? Can you scan it in? I am trying to create a historical archive over at tip_artifacts. If you dont have a scanner, I'd be willing to scan in photocopies.

very smart to annotate!
I do have access to a scanner. What do you want scanned in? The whole yearbook? Just the Term II East stuff?
I am personally most interested in east campus stuff of either term...but for the project as a whole, I think it is all relevant.

Really I'd love to have whatever you're willing to do. I know it's a PITA since I scanned about 1/2 of a yearbook last night.
Well, I have a couple of weeks until classes start up again (working on the PhD)- I'll see what I can do. :)
Hmm... editing as I go makes it nonsensical occasionally. :)
In '94 and '95 I was at ASU. Then to East Term I for '96 and '97. I would thrill to have access to that footage, whether by digital means or if you'd be so kind as to make a physical copy onto a SASE with a VHS. Eat babies!
I was at ASU from 98 to 01, makes me feel like a dinosaur. I may still have some stuff, if you want it, for the artifacts group.
Geez, guess it's been awhile since I've checked this community. I went to TiP from 96-98 as a student (East, Term 1) and worked there from 01-05 as a staffer (East, Terms 1 and 2). I'm taking this summer off to work (damn you, law school!!) but I'm hoping to make my triumphant return not too far into the future.

My memory is failing me already, but I believe WASW started earlier than 94. At least that's what I think Dr. Kane (remember him?) says. I remember Smith though!! He was one year ahead of me. Oh man, so YOU'RE responsible for Smith! Awesome. He was quite the TiP troublemaker, even back in the days where the rules were slightly more relaxed. I remember he came back to visit my 4th year and he was STILL causing trouble. His old TiP girlfriend, who was my year, had to suffer the fate of LOCKDOWN~! because she got into his car.

I of course remember Tom Ulmet. It's funny how often his name comes up in conversations between myself and my old TiP friends. He always was a mystery to me because I never knew what exactly he did at TiP. Do you remember Preta and (more importantly) the infamous Preta Bucks? Corby I remember too, but not as well as most staffers back then. And Bronwyn. OH MAN. Who on earth could forget Bronwyn. I think we should track her down and convince her to work just ONE TERM at TiP. Maybe just run an activity or two. I'd PAY to work at TiP then.

Term 1 still does Doctor, Doctor. Term 2 seems to think they "killed it" and started doing another 4th year thing (it's gross and involves toothpaste), but that stopped too once East Campus stopped taking 1st years. Not sure I remember the milk sketch at all, although that could be my memory's fault again.

Excellent, excellent. See? TiP ISN'T dead!
davidson '93 and '94 and duke east ii '95 and '96