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3rd July 2008

bluestetson1:04pm: For the 99-2003 kids, Duke East Campus
Shannon Lewis passed away this past Monday, June 30th. She was 20 years old. I don't know how many of you read this, and I know I've fallen out of touch with basically all of you, but I felt like I needed to let people know.

She had an accident cave diving in Florida on June 14th, she got stuck underwater. They were able to get her breathing again after they found her, but she had to be rushed to the ICU and put on life support. She was in a coma until June 30th, when she was declared brain dead, and they pulled the life support.

If any of you are interested, you can leave messages for her family or donate to help with medical bills at http://getwellshannon.com or post anything in http://community.livejournal.com/shannonswishes/

She was an amazing person, and the world is a little darker without her.

11th January 2007

homegrownweed1:52am: ahh sorry, so this is actually unrelated to tip, but i figured you'd be the kind of people that this could appeal to. i'm doing this thing called dance marathon in about a month. basically i will dance or be doing some kind of physical activity for 24 hours. it's an AIDS awareness thing and donation proceeds go to partners in health (www.pih.org) in rwanda. just to give you an idea what a donation means, only $140 is needed to provide AIDS treatment for a whole year to a person. so a little donation is actually not all that little, it is really making a difference. so i hope you can help me out here at http://dancemarathon.stanford.edu/donate/sponsor/951 . and tell your parents, and other friends! and i'm going to apply to be an rc! yay tip!

25th July 2006

whichwayisdown2:03pm: EBAY IS THE PLACE FOR WINNERS

Yeah, dudes, that's right.  The Llama is for sale on Ebay.  

I thought you all would appreciate that.  


15th July 2006

homegrownweed3:11am: vermonster.
i'm feeling productive/ready to take on a challenge. hopefully by the end of the month i intend on doing a duo or solo. i've never actually participated in a vermonster orgy, only stood by and watched. is there a time limit on downing one by yourself? and just how big is this thing? is that bucket a gallon? but it still piles over the rim, so just how much am i looking at? i used to eat tons, my parents would always tell me off about it. but it still worries me i might just be 30-whatever dollars poorer. i've heard stories of andrew bryson and rumors of jack ziriax doing it solo. any tips for how to eat or what to choose?

2nd February 2006

stfu_mofo7:48pm: obligatory classes post
so, TIP packets went out, applications are in (or on their way in), and big honkin' acceptance booklets are sent back.

what's everyone taking this year?

i'm doing comparative identities (this 20th century lit. class. don't ask for any more description than that, because i sure can't remember), east term I.

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15th January 2006

half_of_weggy5:33pm: Ok, I need help....
I'm sending in my packet, and I can't decide.

Abnormal Psychology? or Screenwriting?

I'm realyl bad at making decisions and I just keep going back and forth and back and forth....

So please, I beg of you - HELP ME.
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9th January 2006

homegrownweed11:04pm: i'm informed that the latest TIP brochure says:

"Duke TiP students may visit the residence hall rooms of member of the same sex. Students may NOT visit the residence hall rooms of memeber of the opposite sex. Any student who violates this policy may be dismissed from Duke TiP."

what did you guys DO last year??

1st January 2006

ohnoitsjo5:06pm: Hey guys. My name's Joanna Weston, I'm a Duke West Tipster from 01 and 02. I was wondering if there were any websites made for those time periods. I just got blasted with some TiP nostalgia and couldn't find any pages or the like made for my years.
Also, anyone applying to be an RA at West this summer?

30th December 2005

nolovepoem4:18pm: a question: how many of y'all still see tipsters post-tip? (i just got back from a reunion with people from 2001.)

5th November 2005

conceptdefiance1:20pm: This is most definitely Andrew, Duke West Term I, '02 (Social Psychology) and '03 (Introduction to Chemistry).

...so any former TIPsters thinking of doing the whole RA thang this summer?

I'm definitely considering it.

27th September 2005

farmerm10:05am: tip at texas
are any of you thinking of going there?

i might be switching to TX from east (long story).


16th July 2005

toot_ricky4:20pm: Any body read to discuss Half Blood Prince yet?!?!?! I'm DIEING to have discusssionsssss about this!!!! I'll screen comments so there will be no spoilers. I'm also sleep deprived =D. Any body manage to finish it before 9:20? I think that's my record for an HP book

15th July 2005

emoette12:33pm: I heard from Xylene on MySpace that Sam was OSC at East. She swears that Sam was the one who told her, but I think Sam is just screwing with her. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?

8th July 2005

half_of_weggy1:55pm: East Term One 2005 Pictures and Contact List
For those of you at East Term One 2005.... here are all the pictures I have so far!

Meg: http://community.webshots.com/user/triumvirate333
Emilypage: http://www.flickr.com/photos/emilypage/
Priyanka: http://www.flickr.com/photos/prixyanxka
Roxi: http://community.webshots.com/album/385113662GpVJBI
Vinny: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/anotherclumsychord67/my_photos
Jessica: http://jchen8910.bebo.com/home/PhotoAlbumBig.jsp
Julie: http://public.fotki.com/nerdcamp/
Zoe: http://iloveme8383.bebo.com
Ginny: http://www.xanga.com/item.aspx?user=halcyon03&tab=weblogs&uid=297268177
Hannah: http://community.webshots.com/user/k92020
Charlie: http://photobucket.com/albums/b73/charliejones/
Brian: http://community.webshots.com/user/bfidali
Nisha: http://community.webshots.com/album/385680738GUDdlZ?185
Gwen (TA): http://community.webshots.com/album/386312373LGequH
Hillary (Instructor): http://www.snapfish.com/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=24933443/t_=28272957
Caitlin: http://crazycat922.bebo.com/home/Default.jsp?Ran=271001034
Erin H: http://www.livejournal.com/users/toot_ricky/53421.html?#cutid1
Myself: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/half_of_weggy/album?.dir=f2e6&.src=ph

If you can, please comment with a link to your pictures because I am working with Nicole Bobbitt to collect pictures for a mass collection site somewhere and we would love your contributions!

On a final note...

The mass contact list: http://chivetta.nfshost.com/dokuwiki/keepintouch

Please utilize!!! Also, if you have anything to add or any corrections (for yourself or anyone else!), PLEASE email them to nabthegold21@cox.net (Nicole). Look for class contact lists, RAG contact lists, anything anyone gave you personally - whatever you can find! We so greatly appreciate it, and we hope you want to stay in touch as much as we do! Please don't try to edit the page yourself; This creates major problems and everything stops running smoothly. But please, anything you have, please contribute! If you are in contact with your instructor, TA or RA/RC, please ask them for help, and if they would like to be listed, we would love to have them!

Thank you everyone for helping out... TIPsters are amazing!

Contemporary Literature
Kassie's RAG - Pegram
East 1 2005

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7th July 2005

paxluvfelicitas1:51pm: TIPwiki
Okay people.

Jason L., also known as TimmyJason, has created a TIP version of Wikipedia, and is searching for reliable TIPsters to fill it. All terms and all campuses are welcome; just specify campus and term at the start of whatever information you put in. It's at http://www.inteluser.com/tipwiki/index.php/TIPwiki, for anyone who cares to try their hand. He's trying to make this an ultimate repository of everyone's TIP, so don't be afraid to add little stuff - just don't get too carried away. Have fun, and help him out!

3 days...

Cross posted to every TIP community of which I could think.

Sorry for those of you who are members of more than one community and are therefore getting this on your flist more than once. I promise to commit seppuku immediately after doing this.
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6th July 2005

sarcausticgreen2:32pm: Has anyone created a massive online photo collection for East I this year?

25th June 2005

whichwayisdown5:52pm: Pegram won Quadfest, just in case anyone was wondering. Angry 4th years are considering rioting.


14th June 2005

hippiegolucky2:48am: myspace
OK, so I know we're all connected over here, but I don't think tipsters are jumping onto the myspace bandwagon terribly quickly. However, there are 2 groups for tipsters there:

http://groups.myspace.com/tipsters -I posted a whole mess of pictures there for your enjoyment
http://groups.myspace.com/duketip -this one started by our very own Aimmee

By all means, join the groups if you have a myspace account. If you don't, go ahead and get addicted. It's fun, anyway.
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22nd May 2005

lostlo12:49am: Old-skoolers?
Hey, gang. I was at tip back in the day... let's see, around 94-97. Just wondering if there's anyone else here from the old days. The days of Bronwyn and Corby, the days of Tom Ulmet (and the Tom Ulmet song!), the days of Jess from Kansas, the days when Ben Folds was lugging that damn piano around down on 9th street. Gosh, I feel old now!

Also, for you more recent folks: I was tickled to see wear a skirt wednesday as a interest of this community. I think I was there when that got started. I do seem to remember loaning out a lot of skirts. Ah, like when we converted Smith! So many wonderful memories...

I assume you all still do doctor, doctor, right? Does anyone still do the milk sketch? I think I have those from my fourth year on video if any of you current tip people need some inspiration, I could probably dig them up.

I still have my film & video project on tape, and watch it every year or two. And I am still in touch with a few people (it wasn't as easy to stay in touch then as it is now!)

And I have to say, looking back, going to tip the first time was something that completely changed my life. There's a real chance I would've killed myself in my teenage years were it not for that trip. So enjoy the hell out of it while you can, and you'll be glad later. You learn a lot about what's most important in life at nerd camp.

Have fun, kids. Look for the nonsense in life!
Current Mood: nostalgic

16th May 2005

toot_ricky9:27pm: Anyone taking Politics in Practice, East Term 1?
stfu_mofo12:11am: a-HEM, i've got an inquiry!
alright, so i have a question for you guys.

i'm going to east this summer (i'm a 2nd year, taking contemporary lit first term and short story workshop second term) and i was wondering how they do the laundry thing.

are there washing machines/dryers in the dorms and we do our laundry in our free time, or is there a laundromat that we sign up to go to as an activity? i'm hoping it's not the former, because MAN do i have some laundry horror stories from the other nerd camps i've been to.

any help would be appreciated, thanks all! (and i hope that the answer to my question isn't in the tip book somewhere, because my mom disappeared it. whoops.)

crossposted because i'm a dork like that :]

5th May 2005

emoette9:59pm: For all of you who are wondering, I found the picture in a Google image search. Its the product of complete and total boredom. And it was taken at East.
emoette5:50pm: old old school

9th April 2005

whichwayisdown11:47am: It appears that no one has read the Big Book O'Rules but me, and guess what?

This year we are allowed to have cell phones at certain times, like mornings before class, and after mandatory fun time.

Cell Phones!

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