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Hey, gang. I was at tip back in the day... let's see, around 94-97. Just wondering if there's anyone else here from the old days. The days of Bronwyn and Corby, the days of Tom Ulmet (and the Tom Ulmet song!), the days of Jess from Kansas, the days when Ben Folds was lugging that damn piano around down on 9th street. Gosh, I feel old now!

Also, for you more recent folks: I was tickled to see wear a skirt wednesday as a interest of this community. I think I was there when that got started. I do seem to remember loaning out a lot of skirts. Ah, like when we converted Smith! So many wonderful memories...

I assume you all still do doctor, doctor, right? Does anyone still do the milk sketch? I think I have those from my fourth year on video if any of you current tip people need some inspiration, I could probably dig them up.

I still have my film & video project on tape, and watch it every year or two. And I am still in touch with a few people (it wasn't as easy to stay in touch then as it is now!)

And I have to say, looking back, going to tip the first time was something that completely changed my life. There's a real chance I would've killed myself in my teenage years were it not for that trip. So enjoy the hell out of it while you can, and you'll be glad later. You learn a lot about what's most important in life at nerd camp.

Have fun, kids. Look for the nonsense in life!
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