stfu_mofo (stfu_mofo) wrote in tipkids,

obligatory classes post

so, TIP packets went out, applications are in (or on their way in), and big honkin' acceptance booklets are sent back.

what's everyone taking this year?

i'm doing comparative identities (this 20th century lit. class. don't ask for any more description than that, because i sure can't remember), east term I.

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the class you are taking is more likely taught by hilary eklund. she is (in my opinion) a great teacher and you will like the selections you read. i had her class two years ago (then titled Contemporary American Lit) and the description sounds like the morphed class.

be ready to read in the comfortable lily couches.

and alas, i am not returning for my 4th year.....
she was my teacher last year! she was supercool. i agree with you, she's a really good teacher (the only teacher to ever inspire me to actually participate in class, EVER :) ). she's teaching writing with power both terms this year. it made me sad when i learned i wouldn't have her again.
I believe she was my teacher my first year. Did she teach at ASU, by chance?
not that i know of, but it's possible.
i feel stupid, I thought I'd seen your LJ icon before, but deja vu is nothing new, so i shrugged it off. But your on Chas' Neal's friends page! Youre from Pensacola, (GB for me) thats pretty awesome. You learn something everyday.
im taking from bach to rock, East Term II.
I'm taking neuroscience at west! Woooooo
I'm so jealous they have that class now!

I've been telling them to get one on the survey every year since my first year. Not that it matters since the closest thing I could ever do is come back and TA or something, someday.

Maybe I'll try to do that in a few years.
my app is in to be an RC! I'm hoping I get East
I'm taking something at East 1. I haven't gotten my stuff back yet.
Screenwriting! Whoo.
Philosophic Quest, term deux, ASU.
Contemporary Ethical Debates, East II.